Sunday, October 12, 2008

Almost Done!!

Guess what?! I'm almost finished with my Christmas shopping! I can't believe how productive I've been so far. I'm completely done with all the kids I'm buying on to the adults! I love Christmas and love love love Christmas shopping! Before the BR, I always had a hard time shopping for myself, but now, I love it! Even so, there is nothing better than buying Christmas gifts for kids!

Now, I'm off to do some shopping of my own. Wish me luck! Hopefully I'll take some time and post photos of some of my finds!

Here's a sad story. Yesterday we were leaving the Red Revel Festival (again) and I saw a little boy who was about 2 with his parents. They were trying to get him to hold the dad's hand and he didn't want to. He said he only wanted to hold his mom's hand. So the dad PULLED HIS HAIR!!! Can you believe that!? I almost cried. I mean, seriously, would you wanna hold the guys hand. I sure wouldn't! However people can be so horrible to kids is beyond me! I mean, the kid is 2 for crying out loud! He's going to be defiant and there are better ways to handle it than pulling the kids hair! So, when I was leaving Wal-Mart, there were people collecting money for child abuse prevention. I had to donate. Because I don't care what you say, pulling a 2-year-old's hair, is child abuse!



Paula said...

Wow that is great, I have always left Christmas shopping until last minute in the past. Hopefully this year will be better as I now shop a fair bit online and finding a gift is even easier too. It certainly beats the manic battle at the shops searching around aimlessly for ideas.

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

OMG! He actually pull the toddlers hair? That is horrible...What did it matter if the little one was holding Mom or Dad hand as long as he was holding someones hand! I just don't know what goes through some people heads...

I have a good start on my Christmas shopping too...I just love it!

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