Friday, May 13, 2011

Shopping...on the cheap!

Um...what the crap was up with Blogger today? Sooo glad that mess is over!

Today I was having lunch with a friend and we were talking about our calendars and what's going on in the upcoming weeks....and I freaked out. After this weekend, I literally have a birthday party, wedding shower or wedding to go to every. single. weekend. through July! And on some days, I have 3 and 4 parties to attend. Wow. All I have to say is I am sooo glad this baby is coming in the fall when people don't have as much going on!

That said, I have been doing some shopping and have gotten a few gifts at a much cheaper cost that I normally spend. Hey, I'm no Rockerfeller and cannot afford to spend $25 or more on a bday gift when I have 4 bday parties in one weekend!

This is what I got for a friend's little boy whose bday party is on the 28th...for $8. Yes, I know. I'm cheap. But seriously, he's 2. And they go to the beach pretty often so I thought I'd save a buck.

I'm actually going to pick up the same thing for my nephew along with these cuties:

Wanna shop ON? Here a 50% off coupon that I used:
(note: it's only good for this weekend)

I also have a few wedding gifts to buy so I'm saving up my 20% off to Bed Bath and Beyond coupons as well.

What do you do when you have tons of gifts to buy but no money to spend?!


Whity Wife said...

thank you so much for this coupon! I was in ON yesterday and fell in love with this dress that was all alone on a 19.99 rack... but truth be told it was 35 bucks... out of budget, and i was sad. Thank you! And well done with your frugalness!

Linda Chapman said...

I make something. A wine bottle light, cookies (for a recent high school graduate) a quilt for baby gifts, a painting.....I am alwasy on the look out for a bargain. I also shop thrift stores where for $7.98 I found a PERFECT pick comforter from Kids Pottery Barn for my youngest granddaughter's birthday. ALso a dress for $10 at Tuesday Morning for the OTHER granddaughter. I try to limit the amount to $10. It is a challenge to find a cool gift for that amount but I plan on doing it!!
Good for you! Party Hardy!!!

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