Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Left Out

Beware, I'm about to get really whiney...

So B finally takes his test next Friday. I'm so excited for him! It's been a long couple of months of studying for him. I was a little bummed though. I had planned to come in to work a little late so I could stay home and make him breakfast. I even researched the  best food the morning of a test. (and in case you want to know, it's scrambled eggs, real bacon, not turkey, toast and a glass of OJ and water. Thank you Dr. Oz.) He calls it brain food. Bacon is supposed to help you remember stuff.

Anyways, B decided that he wants to stay in a hotel closer to the test site the night before. So there goes my plan. And then I wanted to go out to dinner and to a few bars to celebrate being done with this insane process. But his friends want to take him out for a boys night. He hasn't been out in months and I just wanted to go out with him, too. I don't want to be a brat, every guy needs their boys nights.  But this is a really important thing for both his career and for us. I just feel really left out. He studies all the time and I work on the house all the time. By ourselves.

We are having our housewarming party the day after his test but I want the two to be separate. I feel bad giving him a hard time because he hasn't been out in months, I just wish he would want me to help celebrate. These boys didn't get ignored for 3 months. Or have to go to stuff by themselves. I did. And I want to help celebrate! But instead, I'll have to get the house ready for the housewarming party. By myself.

ok, that's my whiney speech for the day. I wanted to bring this to you ladies because I don't want to bring it to B. He deserves his night out and I don't want to rain on his parade. 

For some reason I'm sooo tired today. I was 25 minutes late to work! Woops. Ugh. And after work, I have to go pick up a kitten that B and I are going to have. I'm nervous to have a kitten around Macee. Hopefully they will get along ok. I'm kinda thinking this wasn't a good idea though. After I get the kitten, I have to head home and start getting the house cleaned for this weekend! I'm telling you, BUSY!


Lindsey said...

I feel ya, I've been so tired lately for some odd reason. It's a struggle to get out of bed, ugh!

the Mrs Hinz said...

OMG you are getting a kitten? how fun! i want to see pics.

even though you do feel left out - its nice of you to let him go with his friends and not invite yourself along, or through a fit. you are being great about it - even though it is a bummer. at least it is over. good luck to him.

Brown Eyed Girl said...

Aww poor thing! I would totally feel the same way. You are being so nice not bringing it up to him too. I think WWIII would have happened by now in our house! HA

I hope it all goes OK and that the two of you get to celebrate together soon. You both deserve it!


Sometimes it is hard to be selfless when all we want to do is be with the one we love. Good for you to let him go but I feel ya in feeling a little left out! Maybe plan Sunday to be a dual celebration for you guys...celebrating the test being over as well as finally having time together! Hope the house warming goes well!

Princess Freckles said...

I can understand how you feel, but I think its great that you are still encouraging him to go out with his buddies. You two will be back to normal soon!

Have a fun party, and please post kitten pics!

Anonymous said...

You're such a great wifey! I probably would've mentioned something to him... completely casual... riiight.

Guess that's why you're married and I'm... well, not. hehe

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