Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Call all FurParents! I need advice/comforting!

Today I managed to make an appointment for have Macee spayed. I nearly made through the entire conversation without crying...nearly. If you remember, back in February my sweet Chloe died during surgery when I took her to get spayed...You can read about it here. I'm really scared to have Macee go under. She has a little hernia where her umbilical cord was and she has to have that fixed and her teeth pulled at the same time as her surgery. I'm really scared because I will be devastated if anything happens to her. I don't even care if I'm acting silly, I'm terrified and will bawl like a baby when I drop her off.

How old were your furbabies when you got them fixed? Macee will be 8 months when she goes into surgery and will weigh 6 pounds. I really want to do it before she goes into heat, which is why I'm not waiting any longer. My vet only does surgeries on Tuesday and Thursday...I wish she did them on Fridays so I could be home with her the next day. Did you stay home with yours after they were fixed?

My sweet Macee after her first visit to the groomer...who she hated!


Elizabeth said...

I'm sure everything will be perfectly fine! When Walter got neutered we took him to a rescue because they did it a lot cheaper and that made me a little nervous/scared. I do remember taking the day off from work just to make sure he didn't have any complications or his wound didn't start bleeding all over the place. Good luck and keep us updted :)

Ashley Paige said...

omgosh. i just wrote a post about this- we had our furbaby, sullivan, neutered at just shy of a year old. i did stay home with Sully after his surgery- I made sure to schedule it on a day when I would be off the next two days and then my husband would be home to pick up the slack... i was SO nervous/scared- growing up with dogs is one thing, but when it's your OWN dog, it's so different! needless to say, it's been almost three weeks and everything went fine. our vet said he wouldnt need that crazy cone collar, but after getting him home, he most certainly did. my advice? i might invest in one, just in case.. it helps you worry less, i promise! (althogh tey say girl dogs aren't crazy lickers like the boy dogs are...) anywho, your furbaby is going to be absolutely fine.. i'll say a couple puppy prayers for her!


jlc said...

I've missed you tooo!!!

Oh boy Piper was a YOUNG'N... like 2 months?? Very very young. But he did fine. :)

Abbie said...

I'm not sure why, but the link that I have to your blog isn't working so I had to find you via another blog. Very strange!

Don't worry about Macee, I'm sure she'll be just fine! My parents have a small dog, a Shih Tzu, and they had her spayed when she was a couple months old. I did the same thing with my cats, they were 3 months old and tiny, tiny little things, but they came out just fine! Sending lots of puppy prayers your way!

Abbie said...

Haha! Nevermind, I figured out why I couldn't find you! All is fixed now:)

d.a.r. said...

Mine were both 4 months and did just fine!! I know this is going to be so hard for you after your last experience, but it will be okay!

And my doggles stayed at the vet all day afterwards, so I didn't have to take time off.

CAC muffin said...

sooooooooooooo freakin cute!

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