Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ok, Ashton, come out! This CANNOT be real life!

Do you ever feel like things get so crazy or people act so insanely annoying that you have to ask yourself, "OK, is this real life? Or am I being punked?" The last few days have been so crazy I literally feel like Ashton is going to jump out at me any minute! 

One thing I can say is that I found a newfound appreciation for my degree and I truly believe that everyone should have a PR representative. Even if you think you don't need one, you are probably the one that needs representation the most.

We've been working on this tab (special section of the newspaper) for local homebuilders and they are in desperate need of some major PR! I understand smaller companies can't hire major agencies to take care of all of their marketing and press but they can definitely hire a freelancer or a small company or even a part-time, as needed rep. Because take it from me, my husband is an engineer, and they just don't think along the creative lines. I actually have a builder who brought in 4 other people to help him! Four! Another builder, a sales guy from the golf course and a Remax agent...these people had me running in circles. I was so frustrated yesterday, I took a two hour lunch (shhh!). Not one of these people had good input and had NO idea what they wanted to do -- ok I lie, the golf course had  their marketing director give me stuff on the course itself but NOTHING ELSE.

Ok, I know this is probably nothing but nonsense to you ladies, but I'm just trying to air my frustrations -- It's a difficult thing to write clearly when my heart is beating so fast I swear it's skipping beats!

Maybe I should start my own small-scale PR group...Anyone want to hire me?

I  know I still haven't put up pics from the boat trip this weekend and I need to. I've just been glued to the computer at work and haven't felt like getting on at home...Soon though because I've got some cute ones!


CAC muffin said...

Oh my gosh i love this post! I feel like i need a PR rep! So I dont fly off the handle you can respond for me! :)

Casey (@ Ever-Changing Life) said...

You should start a consulting firm! You already know who to try to get as your first client! :)

katie + bret said...

man, I love people! You should totally just start your own business!

Anonymous said...

I know this post is old, but I am just reading it today. And on my 4 mile run in the sweltering heat this afternoon, I was thinking about being A PR girl... so tell your construction company to hire me!!

Anonymous said...

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