Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Puppies & Photo Shoots!

All I'm going to say about yesterday is thank you. I appreciate your responses, and I refuse to be negative or sad anymore.

So, the house hunting was no bueno! The house was surprisingly ugly! It was really old and need way too much work, and if you don't know, I'm so not a mrs-fix-it. Neither is the hubs! My stepmom, dad and brother went with me to look at it and I wish I could have recorded my dad! He was so funny telling the poor guy everything that was wrong with the house! I think my brother got a little embarassed.

After the house hunting, we stopped by my cousins house. And I re-thought the idea of having kids. Her son was literally jumping on me. From the couch to my back. The little girl was basically performing some kind of "mokey-see, monkey-do" routine because then she started! It's no wonder we hadn't seen them in a while. To give her credit, she does have 3 kids under 5 years of age! Isn't that crazy? I have to admit, I did want mine all back to back though. Not so much anymore.

Today, Jaci had to go to the vet to get her teeth cleaned. She's hilarious. She thinks the vet is punishment. So, this is my little drama queen after I brought her home.

I couldn't resist and I had to get one of Macee, too. I love this because she running around trying to get Jaci to play with her and she was really tired and thirsty but looks like I'm smothering her. What can I say, I love my babies!

We also had a photoshoot today at work. It was lots of fun. About a week ago I got to spend a day shopping for white on white china patterns that we thought were nice. So, we picked a few and held the shoot today. We had thousands of dollars worth of luxury china and only managed to break one teacup. I was impressed. It was really funny because the three of us from the magazine were all in the midst of a breakdown and the photographer, who does amazing work, was so calm and collected. I guess it wasn't her behind on the line for breaking the borrowed china though...



Princess Freckles said...

The photoshoot sounds like fun!!!! Hang in there with the house hunting. Its a process!

Melissa said...

what area of town are you house-hunting in?

nanny said...

I cannot believe how much Jaci looks like my Trixie!!! I think I should get Trixie's teeth cleaned, does it make for fresher breath? ha

Tara Gibson said...

that photoshoot sounds fun!

Ashley said...

What precious puppies!!

Sorry to hear the house was a flop. House hunting is a difficult but fun process. Enjoy it! There will be others!

jlc said...

Hehehe! That second pic made me smile. I love posts like this!!

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