Monday, April 20, 2009

Mama Drama

Well, I did have a good post today about my driving experiences in Houston and some cool photo-shoot stories, but that's to be delayed. I had quite the conversation with my mother today. You see, Bobby and I are looking to buy a house somewhere in the Houston area. We will be first-time buyers are really excited. Since we'll be moving around for a few more years we are just looking for a sort-of starter-home in a nice area. Being that Bobby is in Mississippi, I am having to look on my own. I found a great house that I really wanted to check out. It's a for-sale-by-owner and the owner is a man, so, obviously I didn't want to go alone. I thought that this being our first home, it would be something a mom would like to tag-along to. So I called and asked my mom if she wanted to go sometime this week (not: could she go, and I didn't specify a day). She didn't say, "Well, I took today off to spend the day at the house, can we go later this week." or "Well, I really just wanted to say in today." Nope. She said "You know, I never ever get a day off and now that I have one, you want me to drop everything to go with you. I am never at the house by myself. Ever." So, hearing the anger, I guess, in her voice, I said, "mom, you don't have to yell, I didn't even say today, I said this week. But it's fine. I'll get someone else to go." And she got mad at me! UGH! I thought she would want to go though. I mean, I have tons of family that would go and when I told my grandma about it yesterday,she offered to go. I just thought it would be fun to have my mom come and spend some time and maybe do dinner after. Then she sent me an email to tell me that I only call or come over when I want something and that we never do anything together.

I just get so upset because she does this, then apologizes and I have to forgive and forget, she is my mom. But then it happens again. Now she's calling and calling and I don't want to deal with it and I don't know what to do. It's just not fair and I wouldn't let anyone else treat me this way. I understand people have bad days and she's probably in menopause, but I don't think I should catch the wrath of that for trying to spend time wtih her. I'm not usually a very sensitive or emotional person, I like to have control over that, but I am literally a mess right now! I'm just confused and hurt. But, hey, it happens to the best of us, I guess! I'm not really sure if this is something I should be writing about or not, but you ladies are always so supportive and encouraging. So, hopefully this won't come back to bite me in the behind!

Sorry for the depressing post. Sometimes you just gotta vent. On to happier and more sarcastic things tomorrow!

Also, I'm thinking about doing a giveaway for my 100th post. Any ideas, suggestions or tips? Comment or email me!



Brown Eyed Girl said...

Awww I'm sorry! I would be disappointed too. It's something you want your mom to be a part of and you would expect her to feel the same way. Sorry you are having a bad day! I hope it gets better!!

Princess Freckles said...

I can understand why you're up set. I have issues with my mom too frequently. Its hard, because, yes, she is your mom. Just hang in there and perhaps try to explain to her how this makes you feel, and that you also wanted to spend time together.

Good luck house hunting! :) Fun times!

jlc said...

Ohhh boy!

:( Hope tomorrow is a better day. Maybe you guys just need your space for a while. Too much time together always results in tiffs no matter how strong the relationship.

Update us on the house hunting too!!!

Honey said...

i'm sorry you're going through this. it sounds like a tough situation. i hope it gets better really soon.

Melissa said...

Oh girl, don't even get me started on my mama drama. You're not relationship with my mother has been a rollercoaster ride, and got way worse around our wedding. Even Vince had to talk to a few weeks after our honeymoon because she was making me cry on a daily basis, saying the most horrible things to me. I almost wrote a blog about it myself.

But, ya, I think our moms are pretty much the same age, and yes, they are probably pre-menopausal. I really think menopause is really a demonic possession, lol! I get SO inpatient with my mom, too, which doesn't help the situation. (Vince always tells me I need to be more careful and not snap at my mom, but I just can't help it.)

But we both just have to forgive and forget, like you said, because they are our moms! Anyways, I really have no advice because I'm always calling Jen and Val with my mama drama, lol! So I'll tell you what they always tell me: to let things fizzle over, so that y'all are both calm. She will come around.

Lindsey said...

Aw friend, sorry!! HUGS!

Casey said...

Ew! Sorry about that! I know when my mom went through menopause it was pretty rough. Everything was drama. Add in the fact that you have married and moved away from home and Jason is getting to that point, she's probably freaking out. Hopefully she takes some hormones and calms down soon!

Ashley said...

She says you never call her to spend time with her.... but that is exactly what you were doing. You wanted to share that experience with her. She should be honored and excited... not angered. I definitely understand your frustration. Hopefully she'll come to her senses.

Sarah said...

It'll pass. Take her call, she probably feels terrible for hurting your feelings. BTW, I would TOTALLY go house hunting with you. I love shopping with other people's money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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