Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's a little weird...

Hey guys! Guess what? I accepted another internship. I now have two unpaid jobs! But, ya know what? I love it! I'm doing exactly what I've always wanted and I'm hoping that someday it'll make me the big bucks. I have this bad feeling though. I'm usually a very confindent person, but lately at work, I've been feeling not so much. I think I want so badly to be good at what I do, that I'm trying too hard. Do you ever feel like that? I haven't done anything really wrong and I don't think anyone can tell, but there's still this feeling. I don't know how to explain.

Anyway, I finally joined another gym the other day. I'm so excited. Tomorrow I start bootcamp. Yeah, I'm nervous just at the sound of that! But trust me, my body needs it! You saw the Hawaii photos! AGH!

Tonight I was working on the computer, as my second internship lets me work completely from home, and Macee was knocked out on the desk. She sleeps in the strangest places. Well, I decided to take a little break and when I looked at her, she was asleep....with her eyes slightly open. WEIRD! Not gonna lie, it kinda freaked me out! She's growing so much and getting so big! She's learning how to growl and bark and it's hilarious. I took a video to post but can't get it upload of her crying. I swear it sounds like she saying, "Want mama!" Love it!



Mrs. Nurse said...

You sound super busy, but it must be great to have one at them in your home at least :) Good look with bootcamp!

jlc said...

Two jobs and two gyms!?!?

Woman how do you find time to rest?? Glad you're happy though!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend hun! Maegan said...

TWO unpaid jobs!!?!? That's amazing. Hopefully they'll payoff soon :) long as you're happy, that's all that matters ...I'm sure once you're there a bit longer your confidence will grow.

Lindsey said...

I think that is awesome, the experience will be priceless!!!

Meghan said...

HI! So glad we have connected. You will love your bootcamp! I've always wanted to do one! xoxo. Meg

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