Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Challenge for Obama

*Please be aware that what you are about to read comes from me after being extremely pissed off at a group of high school kids. It's more rambling frustration than an actual blog. So, if something doesn't make sense, that's why. It's not politically correct and this is probably the reason I don't like people and do not make friends easily.

ast weekend my husband and I took a little trip to a really cute little town.  While exploring, we saw this really cute little trolly, and when we turned the corner and looked on the other side, this is what we saw:

That's right, it says H-Town. First of all, I'm embarassed because I'm from Houston. Second, seriously, what the crap!? People are disgusting! 

Today, the hubs and I were on our way to lunch and these three teenage kids were walking on a one-way road. Not a huge deal, but for one, they probably should have been in school and two, they were literally taking up the entire road. So there we were, driving 6 MPH behind some wanna-be thugs. Which, by the way, if you're trying to be all tough, you probably shouldn't wear an argyle sweater with a yellow Polo underneath. It's not intimidating! After a few seconds, Bobby lightly tapped the horn ( I stress lightly because I would have laid on it!). Those stupid kids started yelling and throwing up their "Wanna fight?" hands. It was ridiculous!

So, what is my challenge for Obama, you ask. Since he is in the highest role an American can have in this country, my challenge for him is to somehow get into these kids heads that they are not cool because they skip school and show everyone their underwear. My challenge is for him to get it through these kids heads that just because they have a black president, does not mean that they can be even more rude and disrespectful. 

My hope is that these kids will see what they can do with their lives. Granted, he is not who I chose, but he is an intelligent, well-spoken man and I hope that these kids will take that from his leadership. Not that because there is a black president, they can do whatever they want.

My thoughts were that having an African American president were that he could be a good influence on kids who have the mentality that those taggers and school-skippers had. He was not my choice simply because of his policy and stance on issues that I do not agree with.

After all, he did reach out to those of who did not vote for him. He said that he hopes to earn our support and be our president, too. Well, here's what he can do for me! (and he can also get rid of wanting to tax me more!)

So, however this may come across, please understand a few things: I am not disappointed to have an African American president. I am disappointed to have a Democrat for president. I am not only talking about African American kids, I am talking about even white kids. Eminem could use have used a good, swift kick in the behind when was growing up as well! Since we have elected a celebrity to office, I would rather my brother have an intelligent man to look up to rather than someone like 50 cent. So, Mr. Obama. Please set an example that will make me proud and make these kids want to suck at life less.


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I get kisses said...

Oh my God. you must have read my mind. I pretty much agree with you in just about everything in this post.
I just found your blog and i'm enjoying it so much. I think you are fab that its why I've gone back to your first post and I'm making my way up. i'm having so much fun : )

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