Monday, October 27, 2008

Best Weekend Ever!

First of all, I have to say Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband! He turns 29-years-old today! We spent the entire weekend celebrating!

Friday night his cousin and her husband came in to join in the festivities. They got in a little late so we just hung out at the house. Saturday, though, was the best day! We ate lunch at a place called The Blind Tiger -- if you are ever in Shreveport, you MUST eat there! After lunch we went and played around at the casinos. For her birthday, I took Bobby's cousin to the spa! It was so perfect! We had manicures, pedicures, facials and a massage! Seriously, that is what Heaven must be like!

After our mini-spa day, we went home to get dressed and it was on to dinner at a place called Ernest's New Orleans Restaurant. This is another place you MUST eat when visiting Shreveport! The food was delicious and it's a great little date place. They even had a cake for Bobby and his cousin. 
Now, some crazy awesome news! After dinner, we decided to go to the CMT Crossroads bar and guess who I met?! KIX BROOKS FROM BROOKS AND DUNN! It was really fun! He even played a few songs with the house band.
Sunday, we continued to celebrate the Hubs birthday by going shopping. I'm pretty sure he bought out the Gap and I bought out Banana Republic. However, I now know what size I wear at Banana so it's on! I spent more than three times the amount of money he did so I joked with him that he got a well-dressed wife for his B-Day! I was super excited that I could buy a dress off the rack in a size that fit my bottom half AND top half without having it altered. Before the BR, I would have to buy a huge size dress and have the waist taken in. Not now! Gotta love plastic surgery! So, here are a few of my Banana finds:


Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Wow!! That does sounds like the best weekend ever! You got to spend time with you hubby, go to the spa, shopping, AND meet someone famous! I wish I had a weekend like that! Cute clothes!

Casey said...

Super fun! Cute clothes too! The BR looks really good. I understand about the clothes. Before I would have needed a big bottom and small top. Now I have the opposite problem. Ha! It's nice to be balanced!

Aunt Samantha said...

Sounds like you had a very nice weekend..... thanks for sharing~
Tell Bobby that we said HAPPY BIRTHDAY .... see ya soon (hopefully) .
Love ya lots~

Casey said...

I did like Eat, Pray, Love. The eat section was my favorite, I think because I live over here. The pray section was the worst, I thought about stopping. The love section gets better. I just wish she would have stayed away from the political/religious stuff. I don't want a while page on who God is to her, just tell me about the trip! Gees! :)

New Girl on Post said...

What an awesome weekend you had! I'm jealous of your spa experience!

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