Thursday, September 18, 2008

Welcome to Pizza Hut, The Best Restaurant in Town.

Bobby and I are working the same office right now, hopefully that won't change too much when construction starts. It's nice because it gives me someone to go to lunch with. The town we work in is so small that Pizza Hut is actually the best place to eat. There is a buffet/casino/gas station, a Chinese buffet that I'm scared to try, and a burger place that sells their food out of a sno-cone building. So, that leaves the following options: Pizza Hut, Sonic and Subway. Yep, that's it. 

Also, surprisingly, my distain for Wal-Mart has slowly started to fade. Bobby and I pretty much go there everyday during our lunch break, you know, with the lack of sit-down restaurants and all. It's not crowded, the workers speak english and they don't get mad when you ask for help...It's almost hard to believe!  Maybe Louisiana isn't so bad after all.

We just found out yesterday that we won't be getting our furniture until, hopefully, Sept. 27. We'll thank Ike for that. But, I'll post pictures as soon as we get it! 

Here are a few from Jason's visit:
Jason & Bobby at the Shreveport Boardwalk
Jason at Outdoor World -- It was surprisingly easy to get him to do this
Me & J at the Boardwalk


Ginny said...

love love LOVE the page!! It is so very you. :) i'm just happy that you have a pizza hut. i had dinner at a place around shreveport called "the hole #2." that's right...

i love you and miss you BIG time!

ginny said...

and i love the title of your blog. i'm stealing it...for something. not sure what yet.

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