Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Give Kindness, Receive Kindness

Today the babies and I went to lunch at some of the new restaurants that were part of our awesome new mall expansion. We headed out with some sweet friends to let the kids play and enjoy some mommy time. I've been thinking a lot about how our actions are contagious. I notice that when I am frantic and stressed, so are my kids. But when I am agreeable and relaxed, they are as well.

This Summer of Kindness that we are embarking on is something that I hope will become a habit more than a summer-long venture.

Today I was so aware of my reactions to people. When a lady literally ran me down with her motorized scooter at Walmart, I wanted to pounce on her with every vile word I could come up with. Instead, I simply said, excuse me and went about my business. Guess what? Lainey noticed. She even asked if it made me mad.

Of course it did, but I explained to her that we had no idea what that lady's day was like or what life was dealing her. Did she truly not see me? I don't know. But our reactions are everything.

I was reminded that some people can be mean. Some people are oblivious to others.

Then we went to lunch and I was reminded how great people are.

When I went to the restroom to change a VERY frustrated almost 2 year old, I found this little gem in the changing table. Someone who thought that another mom may need a little help.

You never know how big or little of an impact a small gesture can make. We can truly never know what others are experiencing, so why not try to be the joy in someone else's day?

Be kind, friends. Let's see where this takes us.

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Linda said...

I love that note!

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