Thursday, May 23, 2013

Time Passes....

Time passes so quickly. Having this little baby girl makes it go even quicker! So much has happend in the last couple of months since I've been on here.

Our house is coming along and I am thrilled! We have our electircal walk through on Friday and I am so excited to see the house. The rent house is really starting to bum me out. It's so small, the neighbors are horrible and I am sick of living out of boxes and not feeling like I'm at "home". Just a few more months!!!

My due date for Baby #2 has come and gone and the day seemed to be a slap in the face. Two weeks before my due date I found out I was pregnant again. On April 13, I went to the ER because I started bleeding very heavily. I lost Baby #3 on what should have been my due date with Baby #2.

I'm still numb. I don't understand why or how this could happen to us. It's frustrating, angering and stressful. We are now undergoing some tests to find out what's going with me and why by body is not cooperating. We have found a few things that are "leads" but nothing that is a definitive answer. I'm ready for it to all be over. At the moment we are no longer trying for another and, honestly, I don't know when or if I'll be ready again. I guess I get too attached too easily and I don't know if I can lose another and keep my sanity. I feel like I should be thankful for what I have and leave it alone.

We registered the little one for "school" in the fall. She will be attending Mother's Day Out. I am so nervous but I think she will really love it.

We also recently took a trip to New York to visit my best friend from college and meet her new boyfriend. It was SUCH a good time and the vacation came at the perfect time!

Me and my sweet girl on Mother's Day!


Kristen said...

So sorry, I opened this post hoping for much better news for you. Thinking of you :-(.

Love on that little lady of yours!

Amber B. said...

I'm so sorry Stevy, I know how hard it is. I found out I lost baby #1 with a visit to the ER and the second loss was even worse. I hope you find a path in all the sadness and hurt. I wonder all the time why God creates such challenges for us to overcome sometimes, but there really truly always is a plan and we just have to keep believing. Don't let bitterness dictate your outlook, your a sweet soul with a beautiful daughter and a wonderful husband. Prayers for you friend!

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