Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The bright side...

Surely there is a bright side, right? I can't seem to find it. Things around here seem to constantly get worse.

Yesterday was not only Lainey's birthday, it was one month since we lost baby #2.

Things seemed to get better when my grandpa, who has 6 blood clots in his lungs, was finally released from the hospital after 3 weeks Monday night.

Then, the it got bad again. Jaci, our 7 year old jack russell terrier attacked Lainey. Out of nowhere. It was so horrifying. We were all sitting in the living room building a carriage that we gave Lainey for her birthday. Macee, our shih tzu, was sitting my lap, lainey was playing with the wrapper from the box and she slowly leaned over, blew Jaci a kiss and Jaci attacked. It was so strange, honestly, I'm still not sure why or how it happened.

We spent my baby's first birthday in the ER. She has one stitch above her lip, a scrap on the side of her nose and stracthes on her face.

How could I let this happen? I'm supposed to protect her.

I'm am thankful that I was sitting there and was able to stop it so quickly.

She seems fine. The bite is very small but still, it shouldn't have happened.

So, Jaci is gone. My mom is taking Macee, the shih tzu. And we will be sadly dog free but happily safer.

Please keep us in your thoughs/prayers/whatever. We need some positivity our way.

Once I come up for air I'll post the lovely pics of Lainey's birthday, reveal my new blog design and host another awesome giveaway for those of you wtih baby girls.

1 comment:

Kristen said...

Oh no!

When it rains it pours girl, but things WILL get better!

Take care!

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