Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mother's Helper...Let's face it, sometimes it's just hard.

Sometimes being a stay at home mom is hard. It is the best job in the entire world. I wouldn't trade it, but it's hard. You can't ask for a break without sounding like you don't want to be around your little one but at the same time, it's nearly impossible to get anything done.

Moms who work think you are wasting your college degree and other stay at home moms judge every decision you make, like since you are a stay at home mom, your child should be perfect.

I'm still struggling to find thebalance. Is it ok to let Lainey play on her exercise mat alone while I iron clothes or clean bottles? I'm sure it's fine, but the haunting guilt does nothing to help me feel that it is, in fact, ok.

Not to mention working out. That, itself, has been a major task. 

I try to tackle as much as I can while she's napping but she's a pretty poor napper. I'm lucky to get a 30 minute nap out of her. But, she gives me about 4-30 minute naps a day...Hence, the difficulty actually getting to work out. 

If it were possible, I would spend every second of every single day snuggling that little cutie, but I know that isn't good for either one of us.

Taking a time out when B gets home is difficult as well. He works a lot and long hours so when is home, I like to spend time together as a family.

Enter: The Mother's Helper. 

This is something I first heard of on Real Housewives of New York City. I remember thinking Luann was a lazy parent for having a Mother's Helper. Oh how quick we are to judge...

Well, I have actually hired a Mother's Helper/babysitter. A high school student from my church will be coming by three days a week, starting today, to help out. She will come by after school, actually during Lainey's nap time, to keep an eye on my bug so I can go for a run or get in a workout and do a few things around the house. She will be here for approximately 2 hours.

My goal is to have this be Lainey's nap time so that I don't have to spend too much time away from her. However, if she wakes up, I don't have to immediately hop off the treadmill to attend to her. Our helper can do that. She's a wonderful girl, and I actually used to be her babysitter! And that makes me feel old...

So, what is your take on the Mother's Helper?


Texas Tales said...

Great idea, Stevy! Something to help ease your peace of mind and also help you keep your sanity. You're doing a great job and can only judge your situation on its own, don't worry about what other people are doing!

Lindsey said...

Such a great idea!! said...

When I first read the title of this post I thought you were talking about a glass of wine. That helps also! (I have three kids under the age of 5) Good luck!

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