Thursday, January 13, 2011

Conversations with kids...

This week I had a little slumber party with my little cousins. It's crazy that I'm the oldest grandchild and have cousins 20 years younger than me. We had a great time...They sported blonde wigs to see Tangled and then we came home and ate too much junk food, had a dance party and gave each other manis and pedis.

And guess who forgot to take pictures? I've got to get it together before I have kids of my own!

Spending time with these lovely girls always leads to some pretty interesting conversations, as I'm sure you could imagine, and I had to share this one. I still laugh because I can just hear her saying it!

Me: "Makayla, aren't you proud of your brother for making Gifted and Talented?"
Makayla: "I guess."
Me: "Well, you should be. It's a big deal! Maybe one day you'll be in G&T."
Makayla: "Stevy, pretty girls don't have to be in Gifted and Talented."

Touche, touche.

This was from another sleepover...when I actually took pics.


Kristen said...

Aww what a great big cousin.

that convo cracked me up!

Annie said...

how cute! sounds like you all had fun!!
i'm the oldest grandchild as well, on both sides of the family, but i never get to see my cousins. enjoy all the time you can get with them :)

Brown Girl said...

So cute. I wish I had all those cousins...well I do...I just wish we were closer!

Anonymous said...

Did "Tangled" live up to the hype? What a fun time with the little cousins!


Laura Darling said...

Hahaha this is too funny! And blonde wigs to see Tangled?! So cute!

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