Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Year In Review...In Photos

Wow, I cannot believe this year is already over. I guess being pregnant the entire year (at least that's what it felt like!) helped it fly by extra quickly.

Last year we rung in the New Year with a few friends. Nothing too crazy because I was not so secretly hoping I was pregnant. I wasn't. 

The weekend after the New Year, I celebrated my 27th birthday with a big surprise party. Way to go, B! This was such a fun night and I was so happy to have all of my friends show up for me! 

And two weeks after that...I got this:

What a happy day!

We celebrated other birthdays with friends, and I pretended to be on medicine so they wouldn't be suspicious as to why I was skipping out on extra cheap, delicious beer

Valentine's Day was spent with me hovering over the toilet so there will be no pictures of that...

We celebrated Easter with the family

 I got bigger...


Went to a bachelorette party...

and got even bigger...

Went to a baby shower...

Spent time with these ladies

Had a shower of my own...

And another shower....Seriously I had more than the average person! 

 Welcomed new babies

Went to San Diego and Temecula for a wedding

Watched my precious nephews be dedicated to the church

Went to a family reunion

Took a trip to Denver

Worked on the nursery

Celebrated my goddaughter's first birthday

got even bigger...

October brought the best day of my life...

Alaina was born on October 2 at 11:01 p.m.

Celebrated Daddy's birthday

Celebrated our first Halloween with my Lainey Bug by staying in and handing out candy.

Celebrated Lainey's first Thanksgiving and welcomed the 4th generation into our family.

And had so much fun with my cousins on Thanksgiving

Had our first night out and bid on and won a trip to Costa Rica


Took Lainey to visit Santa...Silly girl asked Santa for a baby brother or sister...

Sent my 15 year old brother off to Cotillion...handsome boy, he is! 

And we celebrated our first Christmas as a family of 3!

And we just arrived home from our first road trip...

Something she obviously wasn't too thrilled about...

Tonight we will celebrate the ending of the best year of my life as a family. The way it should be.

happy 2012 friends!

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

What a year!!! Hope 2012 is even better!

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