Friday, April 15, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Have y'all seen this show? It is insane to me!

First of all, I never thought you could actually use "coupon" as a verb, but apparently, that's what it is.

I've tried clipping coupons before but I can never find coupons for stuff that I actually use. You?

If so, please tell me the secret.

Though, I did receive $10 Kohl's cash in the mail and I bought this for my little cousin

and this for a clothes line for a baby shower I am hosting

for $3.02.

I felt like an extreme couponer and I was sooo happy!! As was B!

Though, I'm one to buy only what I need. I don't get toilet paper until we literally have one roll left. However, I'm willing to make a change if I can get said toilet paper for FREE!

And I have to admit:

Is one of my biggest fears.

Really? Who has the room for it. I guess the baby can go without a nursery and we can turn it into another pantry...

I'm not the type to like a lot of "stuff" around. I think this might drive me a bit crazy. But, I'm willing to set all of that aside (and maybe even get an extra shelving unit for my laundry room) if someone can teach me how to get $600 worth of groceries (that I will use, not waste) for $10.





Stephanie said...

I haven't seen the show, but I've heard all the insanity... Where do these people learn to do this? Who can teach me?! If you learn the secret, share please..! :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I can see if it's something your actually going to use or need but these people who get like 27 boxes of things that you know will end up going un used just because they can get it for free is a little crazy.

Princess Freckles said...

I've seen the preview for this show but haven't watched it yet. I try to use coupons, but you're right, I typically find coupons for things I don't need, or I don't need to buy 3 jars for a free fourth! I love getting my "rewards" cards from credit cards, or instant coupons with my Kroger card. When I see a sale at the store, like for example, 10 for $10 cheese, I'll maybe buy an extra bag. I just don't buy into the notion that if it's on sale, or if I have a coupon, I need to buy the items. Though, getting $600 worth of groceries for $10 might change my mind. And if I'm onlt spending $10, I'd just donate what we wouldn't need.

I was thrilled last week when I was at Walgreens. I needed another jar of vitimins. I normally go to Target for them, but Walgreens had a buy get one free special. So I now have over a year's worth of vitimins for $12. That made my day!

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