Thursday, March 11, 2010


Never in my life did I ever think I would say this but, I cannot wait for summer! I feel like winter has been sooo long and sooo gloomy! My pool is calling my name...

Things have been a little crazy for us lately. I have been working a lot, which is good. Our first issue of our new entertainment magazine comes out on March 31 so I've been consumed with Happy Hours -- not such a bad thing! 

Junior League has been squeezing up more of my time that I think B likes but I'm still loving every second of it. We are getting ready to do our placement interviews next week and I'm really hoping I get my first choices for my in-league and community placement! So, say a prayer for me 'cause I think I can do some good.

I hate being so out of the blog loop so I'm going to try to get back to posting regularly again. It's just been so crazy and I really have nothing going on! 

Well, I'll be catching on your blogs in the meantime and hopefully I'll be back with something worth posting soon!


Golden Stilettos said...

Blogging once a month is just unacceptable! {totally joking}

Our lives outside of Blogging do get crazy so we understand where you are coming from.

Me, for example, I've been in a little slump where I have no words but I hope to shake that soon!

In this wonderful life... said...

I CANNOT wait for summertime!!! I hate when I can't find time to read blogs!

Abbie said...

I can't wait for summer either! This winter has been long and miserable!

Thanks for your sweet words today:)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I'm right there with you on wanting summer! That's great about the magazine!

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