Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lose It!

First of all, you're all either crazy or waaay to generous with the compliments cause I don't think I look anything like Jennifer Love Hewitt. But, Thanks! It was definitely nice to hear!

So, I've been majorly slacking on the fitness and dietary side of my life. Seriously. I weigh more now than I did before I had my breast reduction! 

So, I'm going to the grocery store tonight to fix that. I'm getting back on the bandwagon and I'm looking to you to keep me accountable. I'm thinking about doing something similar to what one of my favorite bloggers Lindsey does and posting my results and progress just to keep me more accountable for the things I eat and my workouts.

Have you guys had any success with losing weight? I'd love to hear your story! 

Have any of you tried any weightloss supplements? 

I had a girlfriend use Alli and she lost 40 pounds in like 5 months! I'm scared to try it because of the ewwyuckgross side effects. However, I've heard those side effects only getcha if you eat really poorly.

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday. I'm headed to the grocery store then home to workout and I've got my Bachelor DVRed...Even though thanks to Tara's all-too-cute blog that I couldn't resist reading, I already know who goes home. ;)



Abbie said...

I've been dying to try alli, but I'm terrified of the side effects! But like you, I've also heard that they're only bad if you eat really bad...still, I'm hesitant.

For me, what works best is not having junk in the house. If it's not there, I won't eat it!

Good luck!

♥Aubrey said...

I'd be careful with the weight loss supplements, they are very bad for your heart and do have long term effects that aren't noticable right away. Just sayin'.

May the your goal weight soon be reached!!! Have a wonderful week.

Kristen said...

I lost about 10lbs last spring the old fashioned way.

I set up an account on livestrong.com and used the daily plate to track EVERYthing that I ate. I had no idea how much I was eating before! I also started working out - I did some weight lifting and the couch to 5K program.

I feel a million times better now, and have kept up with food tracking and working out!

Also, I have a cheat day (either Saturday or Sunday) so that I can enjoy a few of the things my body is craving (i.e. candy, icecream or chips)

Jane said...

I so need to do this too. Was planning on blogging about it today as well. It just NEEDS to happen.

BakerGirl said...

I would stay away from Alli, it's side effects are pretty gross if you eat any fat.

Good luck! I'm working on getting back in shape and chronicle it every once in awhile on my blog.

Thanks for following!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I had a friend who looked into taking alli and the side effects were enough to make her not want to do it. I heard they can be really bad.

Llama said...

I would def. try too loose weight the right way. When I lost weight last year it was workout a lot more... and eat a little less...it works! Good luck sweetie!

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