Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Yeah, I wasn't kiddin' when I said October would be crazy. The shower turned out great! We had a really good time and a really good turnout. I took tons of pictures but haven't had a chance to load them on my computer yet. But...I did manage to get a picture of the cake with my phone.

Isn't it cute? We had a friend from high school make the cake. It was delicious and super cheap!

Saturday we we to the HOB to see my boyfriend. Ah-MAZING! I love him. We were second row! And my super quick, bad ass hands CAUGHT A GUITAR PICK!!! I was DONE after that. I was so freaking excited! Then I found another one on the ground and gave it to my mom. Haha!

This is the reaction when he saw I was there:

This was him singing to me.

Ok, for some reason, these came out teeny tiny...But this was when he first came out and then a picture of my aunt, stepmom, sister and me.

Such a good time! Sunday my sister and I went shopping and ohmygod I spent so much money! I got some really cute stuff for Vegas so I'm thrilled!

The maid worked out perfectly and she will now be coming to my house every Monday. And guess what? No felonies!! woohoo! 

Today I have to take Macee and Sammi to the vet. Macee is out of control with her itching and since Sammi is new, we need to get her checked out.

B takes his test on Friday so please, please, please keep him in your prayers! He's pretty much taking the week off from studying to just relax. I'm getting ready for our housewarming party on Saturday. I'm so bummed because our furniture will be here right after the housewarming party! Ugh! Ok, well our extra furniture. We have most of it. But still! dang it.

Yesterday I made a little mistake at work. one of my customers was supposed to have their story run in color and I forgot to tell the printing department. They set up the printer the night before so they were not prepared for it and didn't have enough color. So now, i have to tell my customer they will run in black and white. UGH! I hate screwing up. And this is one of my favorite customers, too! 

Well, have a great Wednesday!


TriciaNae said...

I caught a guitar pic from Gary Allan at Billy Bobs several years ago. He threw it at me and this girl next to me misunderstood...and tried to take it from me. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!! LOL. Love your blog, btw.

Lindsey said...

You def were not kidding, this made me tired!=)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

So jealous that you got a guitar pick! I'm hoping to grab one next month when he's in town!!!! PS: That cake looks FAB!
Glad you had a great time!

Jeve (aka John and Steve) said...

Amazing cake! You have a lot going on dontcha?!

Annie said...

you are one busy lady!!
the cake looks really pretty!
nice of your BF to smile and get all excited about you being at his show ;)
mistakes happen to everyone hun. it's okay.
hope you are having a good week :)

Abbie said...

Hey, it's okay, we all make mistakes, so hopefully your customer will understand!

I can't believe you caught a guitar pick!!! That's probably one of the coolest things that could happen!

The Rodriguez's said...

I want to get a maid but I am so nervous they will think i am dirty I know I would clean before they get there. How did you go about finding your maid? BTW....adorable cake!

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