Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall Is a Lie.

Today's High: 89 degress
Today's Heat Index: 92 degress



Anonymous said...

Come to Ohio and stay one week! You will then hate all things cold and return home grateful! Haha!

Have a nice day!

Heather said...

Come to Chicago. High today in the low 50's, chance of snow Sun night...WTF???

Jenn said...

I agree!!!!

Becky said...

I agree. I can't switch my closet because last week it was nice (low 70's). This week? 90.

Jane said...

It's Fallish her in LA (high 60's, low 70's) but its suppose to go back to the 80's soon. I wish Fall would not lie to us anymore! I totally understand your pain!

PS: Your weekend looked so much fun!! Great pics!

Lindsey said...

I'm so jealous!! It has been so cold here, and it will be in the 40s on Monday. EEK!

♥Aubrey said...

Shoot...i wish i had that weather. Come be in my 60 degrees. WEATHER we come!!!

Windy City Kelley's said...

I would love to have that heat! I'm not happy about wearing my winter coat already :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Come here, you'll skip the fall and feel the winter.

Abbie said...

Way too hot for wearing cozy fall sweaters!!

It's supposed to be in the low
50's and upper 40's for the next week here and a couple of those nights it's going to get below freezing! Yikes! We're pretty much skipping fall and heading straight to winter!

Anonymous said...

See, it's things like this that steer me away from a life in San Antonio!!

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