Friday, May 22, 2009

No, I didn't Die...I became a grown up!

What a week this has been! Spent the weekend in NY with some of my best friends ever, ate too much, walked too much, and had too much fun! Seriously, I didn't want to come home, I wanted to tell Bobby to just move up there. The weather was absolutely perfect! I'm a rare person that detests summer. I hate sweating when I walk to my car, there is just something unnatural about that. But in NY it was probably 73 the entire weekend = PERFECT!

Here are a few pictures of my wonderful trip!
This is my new favorite picture of Ginny

Us girls out on the town

Me and G at Serendipity for her Bday snack

This is my sweet friend KBiggs that we went to visit

And this is me...begging for a job.

So in other and awesome news, WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! Can you believe it!? They are townhouses, 2,2 1/2, roof top terrace, patio off the living room and outside patio on the first floor. Best part, we have a very small grassy area and we DONT have to the lawn! OR take out trash! I didn't get very good pictures so you'll have to check out the website, hopefully I can run back over to take some more but here are a few.

Sideways picture of my amazing shower/bathtub

Rooftop Terrace

Kitchen with my sales lady in the way and no appliances yet...

View from the terrace

Ahhh, it's love....

So, I am forced to comment on American Idol. I am so happy that Kris won! Yea, Adam was good, but I would actually buy a Kris Allen CD. My nephew, on the other hand, was an Adam/KISS fan...Check out this video of him.

Finally, I know I'm supposed to announce the winner of the giveaway today, but I've decided to push it back a week. So, tell your friends and be sure to enter as many times as possible!


Melissa said...

Cute pics! And YAY townhouse! I LOVED living in that area of town. I used to rent a house right there in the Heights when I first met Vince. In fact, he saved my name and number in his cell phone as "Melissa Heights" the night we met, lol! Apparently he had lots of "Melissa's" in his cell phone at the time...
Anyways, you will be able to see the Downtown Fourth of July Fireworks show from your rooftop (if y'all are even in town...and not at our party!). I was able to see it from our front yard when I lived there, which was pretty cool.

She Wore What said...

Check out my new blog!

katie + bret said...

Wow, looks like you had an AMAZING weekend! House + NY. It really cannot get any better than that! Congrats!

Jordan said...

Your trip looks AMAZING! Still so jealous!

Ashley said...

Congratulations on graduating. What a huge accomplishment. AND - Your new townhouse looks amazing!!! Look at that awesome view! Welcome to the world of home-ownership. It is not always fun but it is rewarding.

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