Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If Everyone Else Jumped Off Of a Bridge...

So, I've been seeing this on everyone else's blog and decided I wanted to play. Not because I'm so sleepy that it hurts or because the Shred = OUCH and I can't manage to think of another blog topic, but simply because I wanted to participate!

Also -- Really quickly, I just wanted to tell my four new follower welcome and thanks for tagging along! Be sure to leave me some love!

8 Things I Look Forward To...

1.) New York
2.) Weekends with my husband
3.) Losing up to 20 pounds with The Shred
4.) Living with my husband full time again
5.) Learning how to cook. Ok, thats a lie.
6.) Reading my next book -- Chasing Harry Winston
7.) RHNYC Reunion next Tuesday
8.) Macee being potty trained

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1.) Started the Shred. Ouch
2.) Played with my dogs
3.) Watched American Idol with my brother
4.) Went to my cousin's baseball game
5.) Scoured the internet for cheap plane tickets to NY
6.) Worked
7.) Washed my dogs beds
8.) Chatted with the best friend for hours about NY

8 Things I Love
1.) Shopping
2.) My Husband & dogs
3.) Vanilla Coke
4.) Airports - it means I'm going somewhere!
5.) Birthday Cake Ice Cream
6.) Steak
7.) Shoes
8.) My iPhone

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1.) See my husband more
2.) Lose 8 poundsweight
3.) Move to NY or Chicago
4.) Work from home
5.) Take a nap
6.) Find dirt cheap plane tickets to NY
7.) Buy a bad a** town house or condo
8.) Make more money

8 Shows I watch:
1.) American Idol
2.) The Hills
3.) Real Housewives of NYC
4.) iCarly
5.) Without a Trace
6.) How I Met Your Mother
7.) Big Bang Theory
8.) The City

By the way, I think you should all do this!


jlc said...

YOUR LAYOUT IS SOOOO PURDY!! Surprised me as soon as I opened the page. :)

yay for chatting about NY!! what did you discuss??? details details! haha!

Lindsey said...

I love your blog! I just started following.

Brown Eyed Girl said...

Shred definitely = OUCH!!

I love your new layout! So cute...and your red shoes in the middle pic!

I can NOT wait for RHNYC reunion! It's 2 nights!! Woohoo!

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