Monday, October 20, 2008

Crested Butte Here I Come!

Ok, I am so excited because the Hubs and I are taking a little winter vacay to Crested Butte, Colorado the day after Christmas. We are being joined by a few of our awesome friends -- one in particular who I never get to see. Sadly, though not for her, she lives in NY and I rarely get to see her. With her starting a new job at Coach, yeah, that's right, Coach, she's not sure if she can get the time off or not. If she doesn't go, I'll be the only girl among the mass of stinky boys!  Sad story!

Anyway, I am so desperately hoping to run into Heidi Montag while in Creste Butte, as this is her hometown, and convince her to dump her loser-self-involved-wanna-be-producer-boyfriend Spencer. That's right people, I'm addicted to the Hills, get over it. It's pretty much my favorite show and I'm so not ashamed to admit that! 
Anyway, we have sent off the lease for the house we are renting, along with the deposit, and booked our plane tickets. I am freaking thrilled! I cannot wait to go buy ski clothes! Too bad I don't know how to ski...If any of you have been to Crested Butte, let me know some places to check out!



Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

I am a huge Hills fan too...I think you have a great plan if you run into Heidi. I can't stand Spencer! Doesn't Heidi's family own a restaurant in Crested Butte? You should check that out. Your trip sounds like so much fun!

Lindsay said...

I highly recommend taking a class if you've never been skiing before. It is SO worth the money!

Oh and if you happen to see Ms. Montag, please smack her upside the head for me. Not only is that man obnoxious, but he looks like a hedgehog. Not that I watch the show...

Jay, Holly, Sam and Lily Walsh said...

Spencer is the biggest looser I have ever...watched on TV.

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